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The first step for a rug rat

Published by Beatrix du Toit in Spiritual growth · 9/1/2020 11:45:25

Every start of a new year has so many of us hopeful, dreaming of making changes and planning ahead to make those dreams reality. It is all over the media, well wishes from friends and family and even the weekly beggars that come around our neighborhood, smile with a few missing teeth and cheerfully shout "Happy 2020 Madame may this be a good year for you".   Watching how excited and hopeful we become during Festive Season is for me so heartwarming, as it shows the need for humanity to believe in something better, to strive for change and to hope that this 365 day cycle might just be lovelier than before.  I do hope this is a good year as I too am starting something new, attempting to write a blog of interior changes and design that lead to the changes of heart and soul instead.

This is very daunting and I feel like a baby in diapers standing on the track at the Olympics, not ready nor experienced enough but yet the finish line is calling and the podium tugging at my heart. Crossing my legs and getting comfortable on the rug by my coffee table, I turn to my scripture reading for the morning and like an arrow, truth rushes through me.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 ‘For everything there is an appointed time, a time for every matter under heaven.’

The preacher is emphasizing here an absolute reliance on God in one of the Bible's most famous poems. God is present as much in our celebrations as He is in the moments of doubt. Humbled by the scripture I realize that it does not matter what season of my life I am in, whether I am crawling like a rug rat or taking confident strides like an athlete, I can continue faithfully for :

' He has put eternity into a man's heart' : ( Eccl 3 : 11)

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